Dolphin Plus

The DolphinPLUS pump controller provides constant pressure variable speed control for single or multiple pump systems

From its easy-to-use touch screen interface to its remote control capabilities, Techsys’ DolphinPLUS has established a new benchmark for pump control systems worldwide. The flexible, modular menu design ensures it can be easily customised to suit specific conditions or requirements. The system also offers direct access via the INTERNET for immediate remote system management.

The DolphinPLUS is fitted with a 15” colours touch screen display and can be customised to meet any pump station requirement. It is designed to operate with any type of pump or pump combination (provided they are hydraulically compatible) and applies Techsys’ unique PID protocol, specifically designed for pump applications.


The DolphinPLUSstarts the first pump via the VFD and continues to accelerate until the pump reaches full speed. If the system is not at the set point the controller then starts the next VFD/pump and switches the initial pump to full speed. This operation continues until the set point is reached or all pumps are running. The reverse occurs as the demand reduces. When the system flow reduces to zero the DolphinPLUSwill place the system in sleep mode (Standby). The system will then restart when the pressure drops below a restart pressure.

The DolphinPLUSis able to operate all pumps on the VFD or selected pumps only to maintain optimum operational efficiency

• Tracking of individual pump performance

• Cavitation protection

• Up to 24 pumps can be used with the system

• Each pump can be identified as MAIN PUMP, STANDBY PUMP or JOCKEY PUMP to suit application

• Inbuilt hardware serial communications facilities

• Able to accommodate systems with different pump types and/or performance characteristics

• System curve tracking to ensure true constant operating pressure

• Flow rate calculation for instantaneous and totalized flow indication

• Automatic calculation of “no flow” condition

• Selectable multiple set point operation

• Adjustable friction loss compensation

• Individual control switches for each pump

• Data logging and reporting


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