Filter and Media Flush


Filter Flush Controllers

Techsys Corporation manufactures a full range of flush controllers for all filter applications.

The MF Series is designed for use with Screen, Sand of Disk filters. It is menu operated with a 2 line LCD display for operator interface.

Standard operating Specifications:

Further Information

    • Options of 8,16,24 or 32 backflush valves
    • Can operate Screen, Sand or Disk Filters
    • Master valve additional to Backflush valves
    • Voltage free output when back flushing- 5 amp rated relay
    • 110VAC, 240VAC, 24VAC, 12VDC input power without any hardware change- (menu selections)
    •  24VAC, 12VDC,12VDC 2 wire latched outputs with out any hardware change (menu selections)
      • Flush by:
        - Time
        - Differential Pressure Input
        - Volume passed
        - External input
        - Manual test mode
      • Inputs:
        - Flow switch
        - Differential Pressure
        - Pause flushing
        - Output: Programmable to suit operator requirements
        - Dwell and Flush timers standard
      • Protection alarms:
        - Excess Flushes
        - No flow 
        - Over flow 
        - Filter Stalled
        - Power surge protected
      • Data Log: 
        - Counts the number of flushes
        - Volume of fluid passed(Flowmeter option)
        - Can operate with pulse flow meter




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