Techsys has a number of telemetry options for integration into the Techsys Control suite, or as standalone systems.

Radio link systems

The Radio I/O provides a low cost alternative to expensive signal wire installations, over short (up to 1km inside factories) or long distances (up to 20km with line of sight). Analogue and digital control signals connected at one module (input signals) are transmitted to other modules where the signals are re-created as output signals. Two radios are required to operate this system.



GSM Alarm reporting systems

The GSM Alarm Sender has built-in intelligent SMS communication capability provides communication transparency. If an urgent alarm or event happens in a field site, through the eight digital inputs, the unit can instantly SEND a short message (SMS) to a mobile phone or wherever else the alert is needed. A GSM mobile network is required for operation of this system.



GSM Remote Control systems

The GSM controller allow for remote control of equipment and transmission of alarms via SMS. The units can be used to interface with any Techsys Pump controller, whether the product is a fixed installation where it is cheaper to use the mobile network rather than install a fixed line.



Telephone Line

The Telephone is a cost effective platform for essential monitoring and control in a variety of applications - It eliminates the expense of third parties and enables contact to be made directly with those that need to be informed -The 222 has two trigger inputs and two controlled outputs and will automatically call the list of programmed telephone, cell phone or pager.




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