Level Master


The LevelMASTER control system provides level control for single or dual pump operations via floats or probes.

Featuring simple ‘flick of a switch’ operation, the LevelMASTER is without doubt the most intelligent, easy to use level controller available. It enables users to alternate between level probes and floats or tank emptying and tank filling.

Ideal for use in tank filling/draining and sump draining, the system eliminates the need for continuous rewiring and is suitable for use with any type of pump.

The LevelMASTER offers a range of advanced protection facilities designed to ensure all pumps remain operational and avoid downtime.

Operational highlights include:

  • Dual pump “lead-lag” operation. Pump 1 and Pump 2 alternate for lead and lag operation. If the Lead Pump cannot keep up with the inflow then the lag pump will start to assist the lead pump.
  • Dual pump “duty/standby operation. Pump 1 and Pump 2 alternate for lead operation. If the lead pump fails then the second pump takes over
  • Tank fill or drain application
  • Ability to rotate pump use on each start-up maintaining equalized running hours while ensuring all pump s remain operational
  • Delay timers for on and off conditions which maintain  operation in turbulent water (ignoring water bounce)
  • Dual tank operation
  • Low level and high level protection
  • Pump run and fault indication including external flashing light
  • Standard switchboard IP55 with inner door
  • Selectable options for additional pump control and external communications
  • 24VAC for control & float signals.
  • Switchboard options to suit application 


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