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For many years, Techsys Corporation has been delivering solutions designed to enable industry to get more from pump systems. More performance, greater efficiency, and better protection via the application of superior pump control technology. Techsys specialises in the development of pump control systems. Our products are born from a desire to exceed expectations in terms of ease of use, flexibility and adaptability to suit any system. Today, these are all aspects which have become synonymous with the Techsys name. Our solutions are engineered by a specialist team with a combined industry experience of over 50 years in the field of pumping and water distribution. We are proudly Australian owned and operated and our range of control systems are now used throughout the world in industries ranging from irrigation to domestic water supply and advanced petro-chemical use.

Superior Pump Control Technology

Our team excels in the application of microprocessor technology. Specifically designed for variable speed pumps, our microprocessor is a multi-tasking chip, capable of making a variety of decisions simultaneously. Decisions that ensure our pump control systems:

  • Maintain operation of pumps at peak efficiency
  • Reduce pump cycling
  • Improve pump protection
  • Avoiding redundancy and downtime
  • Enable remote monitoring and control options

Yet, while our technology is complex, operation is not. Our products are renowned for their easy-to-use interface and adaptability to suit any system. With plain English displays and dedicated software functions, our pump control systems are engineered to deliver the most integrated, energy efficient and cost-effective system on the market.

Australian made, internationally recognised

Techsys has its origins in the Goulburn Valley region of Victoria, Australia. Today, we support a fully trained team of experienced distributors throughout Australia and internationally with a comprehensive programme of technical training sessions and workshops. Our team is committed to building strong relationships with both our distributors and end customers. We are determined to continually deliver products that will help our distributors grow their business, and provide our end-users with the means to proactively manage and control their pumping assets. In addition to our local presence in Australia, our products are also installed throughout South East Asia and Brunei, Malaysia, the Phillippines, Indonesia, Laos and Singapore

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