Techsys’ range of pump controllers and pump control systems are suitable for any type of pump or pump combination (provided they are hydraulically compatible). Our controllers are specifically designed to deliver effective solutions to a wide range of pump control requirements. To identify which solution would best suit your application, simply select from the tables below - either according to your market or specific control requirement.

Click on the "application" or "more" to find out which products suit this appliaction.

Drainage/Waste Water
Drainage and Waste Water

Drainage, effluent and sewage applications

Water Supply
Water Supply

Domestic/town water supply for homes, gardens and hobby applications


Process, cooling water, boiler feed, general water transfer

Flow Control

System controlled via flow meters


Agricultural, farming, viticulture, horticulture

Level Control

Systems controlled via level sensor, floats or probes

Mechanical Services / Hydraulic Services
Mechanical Services and Hydraulic Services

Hot water supply, waste water, domestic water supply for building services.

Pressure Control

Systems controlled via pressure transducer - constant pressure (Variable flow rate)
or fixed speed, single or multiple pump systems.


Feed water, process and general water supply

Temperature Control

Systems controlled via temperature transducer or temperature switches

Turf Watering
Turf Watering

Golf courses, sporting facilities, parks and gardens

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