Data Sheet

Product Name Description Posted Download Link
Barracouta Barracouta Data Sheet Oct 2012
Custom Switchboards Custom switchboard information Oct 2012
Dolphin Plus Dolphin Plus Sample Specification Oct 2010
Dolphin3 Dolphin3 Brochure Jul 2014
Filter Flush Media Flusher Brochure Oct 2012
Minke Minke Brochure Oct 2012
Minke Minke data sheet Oct 2012
Orca ORCA Colour Brochure

This Brochure list the mains features and suggested applications for the Techsys ORCA  

Oct 2012
Orca Orca Data Sheet Oct 2010
Orca ORCA Features

Description of the Techsys ORCA features, configurations and options. 

Dec 2010
Snapper Plus Snapper+ Brochure Oct 2012
Snapper Plus Snapper+ Data Sheet Oct 2012
Pump Starters Soft Start Panels Oct 2014
Swordfish Plus Swordfish Plus Brochure Oct 2012
Misc Techsys Brochure Oct 2010
Dolphin Plus Techsys Dolphin Plus Colour Brochure
  • Dolphin Plus Colour Brochure 
Dec 2010
Level Master Techsys Level Master Oct 2012
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